Premier BriteCore SI Partner

– BriteCore Service Offerings –

Root Signa is a Premier SI (System Integrator) Partner with years of in-depth BriteCore knowledge. We have worked and delivered value to multiple BriteCore customers through vendor integrations, training, consulting, and support. Our team can assist with any BriteCore related development or insurance product offerings! You may be interested in some of the services we offer!

  • New Vendor Integrations
  • Team and Process Consultation
  • Custom Development with 3rd Parties, Tools, Reports, Site and Rating Configuration
  • Creation and Implementation of New Products
  • Integrations with In-House Tools
  • Sync Data with Proprietary Data / Metric Solutions, AI, etc
  • Support and Refactoring of Existing Tools or Additions of New Self-Serve Tools to Increase BriteCore Efficiency

Let’s setup a consultation to see how your specific business requirements can be best met!